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I have a display box of 1950's full body santa claus pez dispesers.  there are 12 dispensers all with advertising on how to win a golden pez dispenser. the display box is in fairly good shape with some worn corners and one small tear.  How much would something like this be worth?

Hi Meg,
What a great item!  Without a doubt, definitely keep it all together a single item!!!

Broken down, each full body Santa (in mint condition) is valued around $75'ish...
x12 = $900 retail.
Add another $100 for the box, and you've got a cool $1000...

Now, as a full retail box all together... as one unit...  I'd add an easy 50% to the value just for the rarity and uniqueness of it.  ($1500'ish)

At the end of the day, of course, it's real value is dependent upon what someone is willing to pay for it.

Keep on Pezzin...
-Dale (RhinoPez) /  


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