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Hi, I hope you are doing well.

I collect various horror and monster merchandise, particularly action figures and such. But I also have a love for vintage monster memorabilia, and I was wondering if you could give any information regarding a trio of Universal Monster Pez dispensers. I think they were released in the 60s. I've seen them pop up now and then on auction sites, but know nothing about them; their rarity and more importantly, current value. They would be nice additions to my collection but I'd like to learn a little about them first since Pez are outside my usual area of interest.

Thank you for considering my question.

Hi Andrew,
Definitely a very popular set of PEZ from the mid 60's for any collector!

They were made in short supply by today's standards,,, and were very popular, as you can imagine, with the kids of the day, which led to many being played with, broken, blown up, or lost forever in foot lockers or fishing tackle boxes...

Still quite easily found today in collector's circles, thankfully!

Expect to pay $100-$150 each for presentable dispensers... a few scratches, marks, and maybe still functional..

Expect to pay closer to $150-$200 each for finer/nicer quality condition pieces.

The gills/fins on the fishman are considered 'delicate' as that is usually what the holder used to flip the head back... they break easily...

The red mark on the Frankenstein may or may not be there along his forehead... bonus if it is still there!

Glue marks on the wolfman are VERY COMMON, and shouldn't affect value to a certain degree... make sure his teeth are still in-tact...

Hope that helps!
-Dale (rhinopez)  


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