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Collections Law/Harrassing Phone Calls from Bahamas Marketing Group:


m wrote at 2011-02-16 22:44:00
i too have received a call from steve duglas from bahamas marketing group. and yes this is how he spelled his name. he is hard to understand verbally, speaks with an indian accent and scared me into communicating with him. he is a fraud and used a payday loan company to harass their customers into sending him money for defaulted payday loans. he gave me my personal information and was accurate on some of it. as god as my witness, i will not be a victim of identity theft and i will try to prevent others of falling victim to this scam.

At37 wrote at 2012-05-03 20:30:36
I just got a call today 5/3/2012 from usc or bahama marketing group talking about a loan that I never took out. The funny thing is they  couldnt even tell me how much this fake loan was for. They are callin sayin they are gonna press charges. Something has to be done about these people if they call me again im calling the police and getting me a lawyer to sue them.

Kim wrote at 2012-11-07 18:09:07
I too received a disturbing telephone call from Payday loan recovery group stating I had a loan from the Bahama Marketing Group in May 2011 deposited into my Wells Fargo Account....FUNNY thing is that I didn't have a WELLS FARGO ACCOUNT until SEPT of 2011.....BUT THE SCARY THING IS IS THAT THEY HAD MY SS #!

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