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Hi Mr. Shear:

I need help.  I am being called 3 to 4 times a day by a collection agency.  They will not stop calling.  How do I make them stop? Can I sue them for the harassment?  What do I need to do to prove a case against the debt collector?

They are calling my home phone and cell phone!

Can you help me?  I live in New York.  Thank you for your help.

Good question!  Yes, with our help you can file a case against the debt collector.

To answer the rest of your question, Debt Collectors Are Not Allowed To Do The Following:

Yell, swear or insult you;
Call your family, friends or neighbors about your debt;
Threaten violence, lawsuits, garnishment. or, arrest;
Call you early in the morning or late at night;
Call your workplace when you have told them not to do so;
Leave harassing messages on your voice mail;
Try to collect more than what you owe;
Make anonymous calls to you or use fake names;
Make accusations that you are a criminal;

To answer your last question, Things You Can Do To Improve Your Case Against Collectors:

Make a log of any conversations you have with collectors. The log should contain the following:

Date of call;
Time of call;
Length of call;
Name of collector;
Name of collection agency;
What did the collector say to you?  
How much did they say you owed?
What threats were made?
What was the abuse or harassment?
Were calls made at work or to your friends or neighbors?
Save every voice mail message as well as all messages left on a telephone answering machine that the collection agency leaves;
Tell us about every telephone message that may have been left with another person;
Keep every collection letter, collection notice and envelopes they were mailed in;

Hope this answers your question.  Give us a call directly at (716) 566-8988 so that we can analyze your case and help you.

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