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My credit card debt is around $68,000. I have not been able to work since 2008. All my credit cards were current until I became disabled.
I am now on SSI receive $694.00/monthly and pay
$500.00/monthly for rent which includes utilities.      
I get $79/monthly in food stamps.
I get so many calls daily from creditors and have now been sued by a major ccard company.
What should I do?
Is Bankruptcy an option for me?

Hello Diane:  The short answer to your question is that bankruptcy is probably your best option.   If you filed for bankruptcy protection, you would not lose anything and the debt for the credit cards would be discharged so you could make a fresh start.    Also, if you file soon enough, you can stop the lawsuit before they get a judgment against you.    

Another option you have is to fight the credit card lawsuit, but since you have other credit card debt even if you fought the credit card company's lawsuit, you may or may not win and that would not affect any other debt that would also be free to sue you whenever you want.    All things considered, bankruptcy is probably the best route that provides any amount of certainty, and it would be less expensive in the long run.   

If I did a bankruptcy for you, I would charge you 250 dollars.  You would not have to pay the 306 filing fee because you have limited income.    

This would probably be easier talking about on the telephone.  I will not charge you just to talk on the phone.     You can call me anytime at this number.    915  261-3893

Jack Hall, J.D.
Hall Bankruptcy Services
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