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Hello Mr. Miller,
October 2011 I was transported from a local hospital via CareFlight to a more equipped hospital for a head injury. I had no family with me during the time of the transport. I did have a friend who the hospital or CareFlight made him sign a document, after he refused several time. Basically the document said I would pay any expense my insurance didn't cover. Needless to say my insurance covered not even $2500 of the $18000 CareFlight bill. I was charged $15,000 just for the helicopter and $150/mile for a 20 mile flight - along with other expenses, but this is the bulk of the bill. CareFlight says I am obligated by Texas Law to pay the remaining $16,016.00 even thought I (or a family member) did not authorize the flight. I've disputed the charges so that they can't throw it into collections but I know that's coming. Other than negotiating the bill down do I have any legal leverage in this matter? I work in aviation and I can tell you that I could charter a helicopter for a full hour for just $2500 (that's including fuel) so I don't see how they can expect someone to pay more than what my insurance already covered. Yes, they're a life saving service; however, to be grossly over-billed seems like I should be able to argue they've been paid - by my insurance. I appreciate your time and advice on this matter. Kindly, Heather

Whether or not you signed would not come into play because of the necessity statutes which say that services can be rendered in a life threatening situation.  If CareFlight is in your insurance companies network, there should have been some sort of adjustment made.  In any case, the charges seem high.  I would try to negotiate the amount with them and if they will not negotiate, report them to the BBB, Consumer Affairs and your state's Attorney General. This may not do any good but it will let them and others know that this company overcharges. I wish I had better news and wish you the best with this situation. Oh, just in case it comes up, your friend can not be held liable for any portion of this bill and should not have been forced to sign.  

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