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Nov 10th I was contacted by Matt Carlise of KML Financial he said I was being charged for internet check fraud for an online payday loan. He told me he obtained an arrest warrant and I would be going to jail. I called Matt Carlise Mon Nov 12th I asked him how I could resolve the issue, if I could obtain a copy of the loan document (he stated it will be in the issuance package) after being put on hold for several minutes he came back on the line and stated the warrant had already been issued but "money talks" I asked how much" he stated 1000.00 by the end of the day and the warrant would be rescinded. I reside in Missouri and cannot find any help online. Please help me! Thank you!

KML Financial is a collection agency inAtlanta GA and that phone call is a violation of Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). In reality, had you been recording that call, they now owe you $1,000 Statutory Damages for violating FDCPA.

You need to learn your rights under law - go to a web site I set up that will help - and reads the Flyingifr method of Aggressive Credit Repair.

Civil debt is not a criminal act and arrests are reserved for criminal acts. Play your cards right and they will be sending you some money for Christmas.

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