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I received a letter from the collection company today that I have a $15 outstanding bill to Kaiser. I was never contacted by Kaiser that I owed any money. I have been to Kaiser and paid other bills to them recently, so I don't know why they never informed me. I called Kaiser and they said that it was a co pay that I owed, but the person I needed to talked to about is not in on the weekend. I have no problem paying a co pay, I am mostly concerned about my credit score. I am going to try to contact Kaiser and the collection agency on Monday, but what do I need to do to ensure it does not change my credit score, which I have worked VERY hard to build (it was/is over 800)?
Thank you for your help!

They do not have to tell you before they turn you over to an agency.  Call the agency ASAP and make arrangements to pay the account.  Ask that they not place this on your credit while the payment is enroute.  They have no reason to place this on your creditnif you are willing to pay it. Call Kaiser and ask them to call the agency and ask them to work with you and to be sure they have your correct information so that this will not happen again.  Good luck with this.

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