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7 years ago as the result of a debilitating injury and little income for over 6 months we discharged our credit card debt through bankruptcy court.We are getting daily calls from the "bottom feeders" at Portfolio. A review of my credit report sees all in order.we have arranged our expenses so that we have no debt. Which means they have picked up a discharged account and if I am dumb enough to answer their call, will hammer me to try and convince me that I owe on something that is long gone.We are in our late 60's, and will retire soon.What are the options?

If this is indeed a discharged debt, this company has broken the law.  Get an attorney and sue them.  But first, didpute the debt and demand that they contact you in writing only.  This will stop the calls.  Also, ask for validation of the debt.  Good luck with this.

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