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I have an issue and was hoping you can assist me with an answer or point me in the correct direction in which to follow to get this matter handled. About ten years ago I was sued by a hospital due to me owing them over $200,000 due to my lung collapsing a bunch of times and being in the hospital for weeks at a time. Anyways they got a judgement against me and placed a levy on my bank account and took all of the funds in my account. I quickly landed up filing for bankruptcy and that landed up being discharged by the court so the lawyer for the hospital was never able to collect on the levy. I totally forgot about the levy and the funds and they have been sitting at the local bank ever since. I went to the bank and was told the funds were still there and they needed a release to be sent to them from the laywer of the hospital in order for them to release the funds back to me. They gave me the docket number and the contact information for the lawyer, which I have been trying to contact for a couple of weeks now. Everytime I call the lawyer I get a voicemail and have left messages for a couple weeks now and can't get a hold of anyone or get them to return my calls. I have researched the law firm Egan & Novack and only find the same contact information that the bank provided me. I tried contacting the bank in this case TD Bank but they said they had no other contact information available in my file. I am located in NJ and do not know what to do now in order to finally get the levy released and finally get access to the funds they had originally taken from my account. I would greatly appreciate all of your assistance if you are able to give me any. I really dont know where to go from here as I even threatened to contact the NJ State Bar on my voicemails as well to see if that helped get me a call back from the lawyer. Thank you so much for your time and reviewing my information. If you need any further information from me in order to assist me in anyway please let me know and I will get back to you asap. Again Thank you in advance for all of your assistance....

Typically, it is best to go through the attorney that did the garnishment. But if they are not returning your calls after 4 weeks then I would go back to the hospital's finance department to see if they have hired another firm to represent them in these type of issues.


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