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The Buzz wrote at 2013-02-11 14:25:52
Just had an incident with Dell Financial Services apparently meant to pump up the bottom line at Dell but very unethical.  Please spread this around and do a simple Google search for  yourself as well.  I would never have believed it unless it happened to me personally.  I settled an account with Dell in 2006 and received a settlement letter.  Last year, a law firm associated with Midland Funding and CIT Bank sued me for the balance.  By this time, I had misplaced the settlement letter and asked Dell Financial Services for a copy.  DFS referred me directly to Midland Funding and denied (in writing to me) that they had made the settlement.  Fortunately, I found an old copy.  If you check the internet, you will find THOUSANDS of similar incidents and literally hundreds of settlements against Dell, DFS, and Midland.  This really smacks of a company desperate for revenue.  Until I did a search, I had no idea how longstanding these issues were with Dell.  State DA's winning class action suits and getting consent agreements is a real warning sign for anybody funding the cash for Dell going private.  Any potential investors and Dell computer buyers, Caveat Emptor!

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