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Can you tell me what information we need to take to court to show the judge that it hurts us financially to have money taken from my husband's paycheck.  Our problem is that we have over a dozen medications plus dr co pays that drain our income.  My husband is the only one working.  I am waiting for a decision from the judge on my social security disability.  Without my medications I will die.  We have insurance, but the co pays that we are left with are several hundred dollars each month.

Thank you for your help.  I really appreciate it

Hello Emma:    

To answer your question specifically, you could prepare a list of expenses and show your income tax returns or whatever else you might have to prove your income, but the problem is that there is a very good chance that whatever you show the judge, it is going to be a question not of whether they take any of your income, but how much.

There is a better way that you might consider handling this that would ENSURE the wages would not be garnished and that the judgment against you that led to the garnishment would be completely discharged.    In fact, if you chose this other alternative, your present limited financial circumstances would be used to your advantage.

This would be much easier to explain on the telephone.  I will not charge you just to talk on the phone.   You can call me at any time at this number.    I look forward to talking to you if you should choose to call me.

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