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I live in Oregon to begin with I received a letter from midland collections saying I owed a dept in the amount of 2800 and it was a letter of collection well I had no idea from where this debt was originally from so u wrote back to what account are you talking about (because I really didnt no they hadn't said) well knowing know from spending every spare second on computer the last three days researching that's a validation if debt letter but didnt know then so not certified and have no proof... Well it wasnt but three weeks I get a summons  and complaint of monies due in circuit court from attorneys suttle and hammer for midland collections know letter back from midland I know I have twenty days to respond even though it says 30 I looked it up on the circuit court website not sure if this is even a real summons I googled these attorneys and there is nothing good all very deceiving but I will call courts to verify but I have been working on,a answer not sure how really except what people have blogged think im ok but very nervous worried about a lien on home I read all kinds of stuff any suggestions help a attorney isn't affordable at the time

April, It is imperative that you answer the summons and complaint or they will get a default judgement on you no matter what their reputation is. Which means they can garnish wages, levy property or make you show up at court for a hearing. State what you have told me in your answer still seeking verification of original debt. So you can find on Internet examples on how to answer. Do not ignore or let the chips fall where they may because you will end up with a judgement for 7 years against you. This gives you a start e-mail again for any more any help. Good luck, Gary Lee Gammenthaler

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