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Out of the blue a supposed old debt surfaced from 1990 for my father-in-law who lives in the pacific islands and has never resided in the us.  He is 98 now and the debt collector also listed his wife who died some time ago. The debt was sent to us as our last name is the same. I did call stating that they are sending to the wrong place and asked what this was about and explained the age situation, etc., however, the woman would not discuss anything with me stating confidentiality. My father-in-law does not speak english well or understand it and certainly at 98 does not understand debt collection in this country...isn't there a time limit on this? He has not been here in the states since the 80's. Just want to make sure they do not pursue this as it would upset the family abroad and would confuse them greatly.

Hello Theresa:   You are correct.  There is a statute of limitations on collecting this debt that has long passed.  However, there is not a statute of limitations on harassing you and your family trying to get you to pay anyway.   The best way to stop this is just to send a letter to them signed by your father in law.   It has to say some specific things.    If you call me I can tell you exactly what to state in the letter and I will not charge you anything.   You can call me at this number anytime you wish.    915  261-3893

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