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I have a problem with my bill that has not been corrected. I was scheduled for a colonoscopy in June 2010. When the appointment was being confirmed I confirmed that the billing was for a preventative procedure. Since they could not confirm at that time, we rescheduled several times and finally performed the procedure in Nov 2010. In Jan 2011 I recieved a bill from the Northwest surgical hospital and the doctor as well as an EOB from my insurance company. They were different. I called the hospital and the insurance company and the doctor to get it corrected. The doctors office then communicated with the hopitals billing person who corrected the billing.

Then in September 2011, the matter reared its ugly head again as the hospital changed its billing system and I received another bill. I have called the hospital and left several messages for the billing department, billing department, etc. I have spoken to a couple of people in the billing department who say "they will need to get the original doctors notes."

All of this belies the point that the doctors billing person got the billing correct and has been paid in full. I have repeated suggested that the hospital correct this billing error.

I do not want this to make it to my credit report as I have spent so much time and frankly money to pay off past debt to clear up my credit. This is so obviously a mistake.

Thank you so much for your time,

Mr. Dyer,

I can only imagine how frustrating this situation is for you. I do not have any great advice to help resolve this faster.

My only advice is that once you have this billing issue resolved you may want to document the names and events in a letter. Maybe get a letter from billing showing that this issue is resolved.

Contact me with any other specific questions you may have.

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