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QUESTION: I have a law office doing a hard pull on my credit report over and over again. When does this become harassment?

ANSWER: It is not harassment because it is not communication with you. It may rise to the Fair Credit Reporting Act violation of "poisoning" meaning placing a large number of inquiries on a person's credit file with the intent of damaging the person's FICO score. FCRA is the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act.

There is no set limit of the number of inquiries and how often one may be pulled. FCRA allows credit pulls for purposes of assisting in collection but the Federal Trade Commission long ago stated in a letter ruling that pulling credit for purposes of determining whether to sue or not is a FCRA violation.

The obvious question is - how many pulls over how long a period of time? How much do you owe them?

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QUESTION: they have pulled it 3 times in just the last 45 days. the amount i owe is around 3500.00. they want a 1,000 right away and they want access to my checking account to pull 200.00 a month until its paid off

Depending on what State you are in, what State the lawyer is in and other factors, this may be bluff or real.

I am going to refer you to a web site I set up several years ago where you can get help and guidance from a lot of other people who know more about the finer points of your issue than I do. It is

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