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I would like your advice on this please:

Out of the blue I received two letters from iQor recovery services saying that I owe ebay 130 for ebay buyer protection. For starters the address on the letter isn't mine however the name is . I know that I don't owe this as my ebay account has been closed for a while now and had a clear balance.

Where do I stand in this matter. Should I write to them and if so what do I write .

thank you

Obviously you dispute the claim with iQor since there obviously are some crossed wires somewhere.

I assume iQor is in the UK so US Fair Debt Collection Practices Act will not apply to them or you.

Your dispute letter would be simple and to the point:


I dispute owing your client anything since my eBay account has been closed and at a zero balance for quite some time. Please provide me with any information you have concerning how this charge was arrived at, what the item was and when the transaction took place. Without that I cannot check my records and without it you have no case in Court.


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