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Mr. Ebert,
I am being harassed at work and receiving threatening phone calls from a supposed locating service for Nationwide I have tried to get an address or have them send me a bill to confirm they are legit and I cannot get an address from them. I took out a payday loan a few months ago and defaulted on it. Nationwide collections says they are not the ones harassing me but  if I don't pay they will have to get he locating  company to serve me for criminal fraud. I m afraid to lose  my job. I send out a certified letter to two different addresses ,to"cease to desist" but unsure of address I could only get off Internet.  I filed a compliant with Texas Attorney General, FTC and don't know what else to do. I have given them $300 so  far and they will not send me no receipt. Help
Thank you

Mr. Herzog,

A couple of thoughts I have on a situation like this:

1) Once you tell a debt collector that your employer does not allow collection calls at work, they are supposed to stop. However, I find that payday loan collectors often violate this.
2) You did report to the right people. FTC and Texas Attorney General. Other suggested places are BBB and if the collector is a member.
3) I would let your employer know about the calls and what you have done to proactively stop the harassment.
4) If it was a payday loan, you should be able to walk into the office you took the money from to pay. I would not pay over the phone.

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