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After reviewing a credit report, my daughter found a judgment for a medical bill in the amount of $1803.53 posted against her in 2006.  She called the hospital but was informed it was sold to a collection company and the hospital doesn't have a copy of the bill as they merged with another hospital and the records destroyed.  When she called the collection company, the total bill is now over $3,000.00 with interest and again no bill can be produced.  Since she has not been sent a bill, or any correspondence regarding the court hearing, she is not sure if the bill is actually hers and if it is her bill can an interest rate be twice the bill?  Is the interest legal in Wisconsin?  She needs to clear this up but where does she start?  Since she works from 7 am to 6 PM five days a week, I am trying to help with the legwork.  Thanks for any assistance you can give me.


The interest rate is 12%. Before there can be a judgment granted, the patient must be notified and a court hearing held.  Is there any chance she missed the notification?  If she did not show up for court, a default judgment would have be granted. I would ask for verification of the debt.  If your daughter is not responsible for the debt, she needs to get an attorney and have the case reajucated. Make sure she is in touch with the collectors to prrvent garnishment of wages. As I said, if she is convinced that this is not her debt, she needs to get an attorney and have the case reopened.  I really wish you the best with this.

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