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We had a judgement filed on some medical bills, it went to the local credit bureau, I called and made arrangements to pay the balance of the judgement 1841.96 that i paid in full by 3/5/13.  They then filed on May 2, 2013 a application for writ of garnishment claiming it was unpaid and 100.00 still owing and now more interest 249.85 and 138.55 for writ insurance, postage and garnishment attorney fees.  total 488.40. I paid the total balance on 3/5/13.  It of course was awarded to garnish my husband wages. It was not correct I paid the total order, I did it directly with the credit bureau and they verified the total amount i paid but still did this.  Is this wrong and what can I do?

Well yes it is wrong but unfortunately companies are infamous for doing this especially if you have the ability to pay and or a good job. The best remedy you have is if you have a paid in full receipt. Fax that to them and take it to the court where they filed the garnishment. Good luck and let me know if I you need more advice. Gary Lee Gammenthaler

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