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I had a medical office turn a medical bill over to a collection agency and the bill is not even 30 days old....can they do this or is there a certain time limit before they can turn a bill over to a collection agency. the collection agency they turned me over to is CollectionCenter Wyoming and they do not negotiate with people very well...trying to make a deal with them they have the attitude my way or the I need to know if a medical office can turn a bill over to a collection agency if it is not even 30 days old.

A company can turn over aged accounts whenever they want.  However it is industry standard to do so for accounts they have aged 30, 60, 90 days etc.  If the collection agency wont work with you I would try to get a hold of the manager of the medical office and explain your situation. I wouldn't be surprised if she is unaware of her delinquent accounts are going to collections so quickly, being as she is losing 30 % or so in doing so. Good luck.

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