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   I am a receptionist at a tax and payroll agency.  I answer the telephones.  During my first hectic week of work an agent of the Yellow Pages Business Director called.  I told him not interested and hung up.  He called back talking a mile a minute.  I told him not interested and hung up.  He called back again and went through his ranting and kept saying "Just give us a try, just give us a try".  I said something like sure and hung up.  
   The firm got a bill for $600.  My boss called them and said I didn't have authority to make any contracts with them.  They said it didn't matter they were going to turn it over to a collection agency if he didn't pay.  He said he had it on tape that I said "Sure" and that is a contract.
   My boss is ready to fire me.  What should I do?  Should I pay the $600, get fired or is there some other way out?

This is outrageous conduct by the telemarketer/bill collectors.   At the very least,  even if you don't get fired for this, obviously your reputation with your employer has been hurt by this - and it sounds like getting fired is still a possibility.  For the moment, you are in a position to both put a stop to this harassment and also, perhaps, receive a judgment for damages against them, along with an injunction not to harass you or your boss any further.

If you would like to talk about this further, you are welcome to call me if you like.   I will not charge you just to talk on the phone and we could talk more specifically about what is involved if you did decide to take action against the telemarketer or whoever else is involved.    

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