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I live in Florida and got into a bind and took out an online payday loan; loan was to be paid over a period of time on payday.  I have recently had to have emergency surgery and out of work for 12 weeks receiving no paycheck.  
I contact the online payday loan company to see if I could work out an arrangement since I am not working. They refused and stated I was bound by loan terms and agreement.
I spoke to my bank, who suggested sending them a ACH revocation letter, and they advised me that the loan my be illegal since they are not licensed in the state of Florida. I have made enough payments to pay off the principle amount borrowed, but because of the extrememly high interest rate the current balance is still more than I borrowed.
What are my rights legally? How do I handle this loan? Where do I go for rules and regulations in Florida

Hello Michelle:   After sending you this answer yesterday, I did some research on the specific Florida laws pertaining to payday loans.    It would be a lot easier for me to just explain to you on the phone what your options are rather than typing it all up.    If you like,  You can call me anytime at this number    915  261-3893

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