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I sent a letter requesting debt validation to a collection agency.  I received their "validation" which consisted of their assertion they were the owner and an "accounting" listing undocumented original balance and accrued interest. There is no "proof."

I find this unreasonable response.  This particular collection agency has a significant history of FDCPA violations.  In addition, I have a new account appearing on my credit report and it is a other subsidiary of the parent company.

Recommendations for a course of action for me to pursue.

Unfortunately, the standard of what is acceptable "Validation" is so low that what they provided meets that standard. They have Validated and are now free to commence collection activity.

Your next step depends on many variables - what they do next, how much you owe, how long it has been since the last payment, what your income sources are and many more. Several years ago I set up a web site to help people with just these issues and I suggest you pay a visit. is completely free.

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