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Last night my driver's license was run by a police officer, he notified me that I had 2 summons out for passing worthless bank checks from 1999. I was scared and asked him if I was under arrest and he said no, that I just had to call the jail and tell them my information and about the summons. So in 1999, I had just turned 18 and in a bad relationship when a series of unfortunate events took place leading up to the bad check writing. Anyway, I'm 32 now with 2 children and haven't been in trouble at all. I can't remember who it was that called me one year literally days before Christmas, I'm guessing it was 2001, and I was told to pay a debt or they were going to take me to court, so I paid them. I can't remember who it was. Like I said I was young and dumb. So up until now, 14 years later, I haven't heard a word about this. I lived in the same city for years, with the exception of 3 years when I lived in another city in the same state, Florida. It's not like I couldn't be found. Ive always had an up to date driver's license and I pay taxes, so I don't see how these people trying to collect a debt or send me a court summons couldn't find me? So is this out of the statute of limitations for Florida? Or am I looking to be prosecuted and receiving fines and jail time? Is this criminal or civil? I'm afraid if I get a felony charge I will lose my professional license and this will ruin my life. I don't think any of the checks I wrote were over $150 (I'm not 100% sure, but I really don't think so).

Hi Tracee:    Not to worry so much.    Sounds like it is a criminal warrant for your arrest, but given what you have described, there is a very good reason why they did not arrest you on the spot when you were stopped last night.     This is a heck of a lot easier for me to explain on the telephone.   Can you call me on the phone to talk about this further.    I will not charge you  just to talk on the phone.    It would be good for me if you were to not call me today, but if you were to call me tomorrow or on Monday.   Thanks.      915  261-3893

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