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I have a Civil Complaint from Capital One. First they say I owe them 5257.00. I don't remember owing that much. Second my credit is shot because of cancer and medical bills. I have tried to talk to these people multiple times and they would not work with me.This debt is in Pa. and only a couple years old.I don't know what to do I am doing the best to survive and worried I will lose my house.I have not yet responded to the Civil Complaint.
There is no paperwork attached. The Attorney is in Philadelphia and I'm in Pittsburgh. Will they really come all this way?
Any help with what direction to take and what my chances are.
Thanks Cindy

Hi Cindi:

Will they go to Pittsburgh?  Chances are they won't have to -  it is not at all uncommon to do it on the phone.     Why are they charge you way more than you owe? -   Probably because they added on interest, court costs, and attorney fees.   This is also not all that uncommon.   will you lose your house or your car?   Depends on how much your car is worth, how much you owe, how much equity you have in your house, etc., all issues that you don't state in your question.   If you do nothing and they get a judgment (which is what will happen in a matter of days if you do not do anything#, that court judgment will automatically be a judicial lien against your house.   They can also garnish your wages, and have the sheriff come out and take any non-exempt property.     However, the good news is that there are ways #at this point) to avoid all of that and keep everything.     

The worst thing you can do here is to just do nothing.   You have a couple of ways you can respond if you act quickly, but there is no way that I can say what you can or cannot do without knowing some more specific facts.    I will not charge you just to talk  to you on the phone but if you call me I can explain your options in more detail.    You can call me now directly at this number:    915  261-3893

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