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about 5 years ago my husband owed a creditor from his electric company money. The creditor put a judgement on him  which led to a civil lawsuit in court. They put a lien on some of our property which included furniture small items ect..I had nothing to do with his business financially so I had to go to court and testify that this merchandise belonged to me. He has since filed for divorce. If I get these legal papers from the court stating the merchandise belonged to me is it all mine?? He has me tied up in numerous other legal battles at this time and he is stealing everything.

As in most questions legalities vary from state to state. However if he signed an affidavit  used for court purposes, stating the personal property is solely yours, you should have a  case. I would recommend that you show and notify local authorities that the personal property belongs to you and he has no right to them, if and now you are legally separated.
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