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I filed a Request and Order to Seize property in Michigan and it came back not served on the person. That was about 6 months ago and I"m wondering if there is a time limit on the authority of the filing.  I was told I can use it even if it take 5 years as long as I get my payments or is this not true? Thanks for any help regarding this!!!!

Hello Terry:
As a practical matter, you are not going to be able to enforce a five year old order for execution.   However, that is not necessarily a problem because since you have an outstanding judgment (five years or not), you can still enforce that judgment through execution another way and if you are in Germany, you can do it without having to come back to the United States.    This would be much easier for me to talk to you about if you were to call me on the phone.   I will not charge you just to talk on the phone and you can then get a better understanding of what will be involved in executing the judgment in your case.    You can call me anytime at this number,    915  261-3893   , or send me your number via email and I will call you in Germany.   
Jack Hall, J.D.

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