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I hope that you're able to help me. I was awarded judgement by court almost 10yrs ago against a contractor in NYS, have not received any money. I've worked with 2 different recovery companies and at one time the recovery agent told me the contractor agreed to pay however he reneged. Recovery company tracked the contractor down, he relocated to Oregon. The agent told me it would cost $600 to initiate action against this contractor in Oregon.In February 2014,I received Notice of Commencement of Foreclosure Proceeding in NY state against this individual as I have legal interest in his property. My question is do you have any opinion/suggestion if it's worthwhile to continue trying to collect on this debt and how to do this. Is there is a time limit as to how long I can collect on the amount owed me, have my name attached as having legal interest for any of his future actions. Any suggestions on other option would be very appreciated? This contractor didn't complete the work AFTER I paid him, caused significant and dangerous damage to my home and I had to pay another contractor to complete the work and fix the damage he caused. He should not be allowed to get away with it, relocate and continue to rip people off. Thank you for your time.

There comes a time in the life of most Judgments when a creditor sees that the Judgment may never be paid. This seems to be the case with your Judgment.

I realize you are very emotionally attached to the matter but the debtor has made it clear that he has absolutely no intention of paying you. You can continue to throw good money after bad until the end of time, all you will have is a pile of cancelled checks.

Debtors prison is gone. You have your Judgment and he moved across the country to get away from you. His NY house is being foreclosed upon which means your lien will probably become worthless. The debtor obviously has next to nothing, his credit is trash and he is starting over - far away from you.

Move on.

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