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Hi!  I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place for this question, but maybe you can help me?  I'm trying to clean up a couple of things on my credit reports and have come across 2 medical collection accounts from 2011.  I contacted the debt collection agency and they were unable to find any record of accounts linked to me at all.  I've filed disputes with the two agencies who have these accounts listed on my reports.  However, there is a chance these are legitimate debts that I owe.  I called them with the intention of paying them off.  Should I contact the original source of the debt to try and resolve this?  Or would I be better off waiting for Transunion and Experian to look into it?  My concern is that if I call and settle these debts directly with the lab, how can I expect them to be removed from my credit reports if the company that reported them to the bureaus has no record of the debt in the first place?  Thank you!

First of all lets verify some things for you. An original debt can be on your credit profile for seven years. The original medical places that put a collection on your credit are the ones who have the power to put it on and take it off. The credit bureaus as we have seen in the past are more than happy to put negative things on peoples credit profiles but since its not to their advantage to take them off, they take their sweet time. In your case since you have good intentions of paying the debts for sure you should contact the original creditor.  Make arrangements to pay them directly letting them know you can't find their collection agency and get in writing that they will remove it completely off from all three of your credit profiles. No settled in fulls or paid in fulls collection accounts reported. All this is to your advantage.
Good luck. Gary Lee Gammenthaler

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