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received a statement nov 2013 that my home depot account has been transferred to internal legal collections depart at medland credit management saying I owe 2,219.84. next paragraph said unless they receive payment would forward account to an attorney. I sent a small payment jan 2014. (panicked) may 2013, received a summons to a pre-trial court. scared to death. can not afford attorney. I am in the middle of paying first citizens off. 1999 account. down to 350.00 now. never had a summons before. even though I sent a payment, can I somewhat deny the account. account was opened 2005, closed in 2007, still made payments until 2008. chg off june 2011, sold to midland june 2012

Hello Brenda:
This situation may not be as bad as you think.    IN fact, it may be possible to get this case dismissed based on the timing of the events that you describe - but that depends on where this is all occurring and you do not indicate that in your question.    You also have other options that would take care of this without settling with them or paying them anything.    Whether that is a good idea or not depends on some other facts you don't state in your question.    

I can help you and I will not charge you just to talk on the telephone.   You are welcome to call me anytime you wish at this number directly - and then I can describe in detail what your present choices are in handling this immediately pending lawsuit -    You you have to act quickly because apparently they have already set this up for trial.   

Please feel free to call me at this number anytime.     915  261-3893

Jack Hall, J.D.

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