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hi am writing from Wisconsin. I am a Disabled  vet in 2010 i was sued by portfolio recovery. At the time  and at many times am not able to deal with much beyond primary needs.that coupled with divorce and foreclosure pretty much messed me up and i missed court mediation. they did a default judgement. since the I guess  portfolio has been trying to garnish my bank (all fed protected account) and has been randomly choosing banks to try and garnish. I am in a ok place right now and received another garnish form. First of all portfolio is a bill collector and i have no contract with them. Second they were probably not legal in their threats and harassment.
I am going to this hearing can i request the judgement vacated? and does the fact they are trying to garnish somebody elses bank count as fraud or misinforming.  and is the fact they opened this up again giving me a chance to vacate?

Your best bet is to send a certified letter to the collection agencies demanding that they stop all collection actions and garnishment attempts against you since you are judgement proof and all of your income is from the government.  Be sure to keep a copy of this letter. As a matter of fact, keep a collection "diary" in which you should document all contacts with the collection agency.  Inform them that they are in breach of the FDCPA and you will seek redress through a lawsuit if necessary.  If they continue, contact an attorney and sue them.

I hope this helps and I wish you the best with this situations.

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