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Hello.  I have an interesting situation and I'm hoping you can set me in the right direction to resolve it.

In Sept 2012 I entered an outpatient rehab program to deal with a alcohol problem I had at the time.  I attended two day-long sessions per week for three weeks (6 sessions).  I was told when I enrolled that I had to agree to urinalysis tests to see if I was drinking.  These tests were supposed to be around $50 each and were not covered by insurance.  I agreed and submitted a total of 6 samples in those 3 weeks.  A year later I got a bill from the lab that conducted the tests for $2,100.  That's $350 per sample (not what I agreed to).  In looking at the bill I saw that the alcohol portion of the test was indeed $50, but they also tested me for for several other substances (e.g. cocaine and heroin) that I was not seeking treatment for.  When I questioned the rehabilitation center (which contracts out the lab work) they said that even though the the lab can provide an alcohol only test, the rehab center only orders the full workup for everyone, and the issue was between me and the lab.  

This honestly is beginning to feel like a scam and I that I was lied to.  I have offered to pay what I agreed to for a total of $250, but the lab is still going after me for the full $2,100.  What can I do get these people off my back and protect my credit without having to hire a lawyer?


Hello Chris.    Not a short answer to this one.   This would be much easier discussing this on the telephone.   If you would like, you can call me anytime.   I will not charge you just to talk on the phone, and we could discus your present options more carefully  before this problem for you gets even worse.   

Jack Hall,   J.D.
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