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QUESTION: Hi Mr. Shear:

I am being sued by Unifund. Unifund claims that they were assigned a defaulted credit card I once had. Unifund sued me in Buffalo City Court. However, I live in Niagara County, NY.

I read that a debt collector has to sue someone in the county they live in. Is that correct? Thank you for your time. I live in New York State.

ANSWER: Good question. A debt collector's lawsuit must comply with state venue rules. In addition, the collection action should comply with the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA), and also with Federal Trade Commission and state deceptive practices standards that similarly limit proper venue.

The FDCPA requires that any debt collector bring a collection action only in the judicial district in which the consumer signed the contract or resides at the time of the debt collection lawsuit. The judicial district refers to the state district and not the federal district.

The FDCPA provision applies to collection actions brought by debt buyers (such as Unifund) and also by collection attorneys and collection agencies bringing the court action on behalf of a creditor.

If you have any additional questions please ask.

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QUESTION: Mr. Shear:

Thank you for that great answer! I have one more follow up question. It is possible I signed the contract in Erie County, NY when the account was opened up. Does that make a difference? Thank you!

Although a debt buyer such as Unifund can sue where a consumer signs a contract, if the collector is not suing on the contract and does not present the contract in evidence, the debt collector would be limited to suing in the judicial district where the consumer/defendant presently resides. Which in your case would be Niagara County, not a court in Erie County such as Buffalo City Court.

If a collection action is brought in an improper venue, violating the FDCPA, you would have an action for actual and statutory damages and attorney fees.

Hope this answers your question. If you need additional help please contact me.

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