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I've been in cancer treatment for this past year and finally have a grasp on my medical bills.  Meanwhile, both of my parents have had several hospitalizations and generated more medical bills than one person can manage, nevermind being ill and trying to manage.  Many of my parents medical bills have gone to collections.  One of their hospitalizations is under investigation by the health dept because his meds were mismanaged and he was hallucinating from the overdose.

How will these unpaid medical bills affect their credit if they're in collections?

They do not have the money to pay the medical bills that have gone to collections. If they continue to go unpaid how will this affect their credit?

Any advice for managing unmanageable medical bills?  We are all still dealing with health issues and I'm concerned about ruining their credit by ignoring these bills until I can deal with them.

Thank you for your time.

Sorry to hear of all of your problems.  The unpaid bills that go to collections either already are or will be placed on their credit history. My recommendation is that you contact the medical providers and ask to apply for their charity program. Most hospitals have these programs because in most areas they are required to provide a certain amount of charity services.

Do not be ashamed to ask for help. That is what these programs are there for so your parents may as well benefit from them if they can. I wish you the best with this situation.  If my previous suggestion does not work please contact me again and we will do some more research.  Let me know what state you live in because each state has different programs.

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