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Years ago when I was a freshman out of high school at 18. I was hired offshore and got a car as a first time buyer. Within a few months, I had gotten fired from my job, couldn't pay the notes, and volunteered to have the company to repossess the car. When I turned 19, a man came to me in a suit and gave me papers to be served in court. As being a young kid, I was so scared and confused because I did not know what those papers meant. I mean come on, I was a borderline teenager and made a mistake from jumping so fast on getting a car. I never knew anything about credit or debt. Even when I signed the contract when purchasing the car, I was too excited to read everything without realizing how stupid I was. It was 2006 when I got the car. The car was repossessed in 2007. 7 and a half years went by and was told it would be off my credit. Well they found my address and sent a letter stating that they are making another  judgement against me to collect not only what I owe, but more for the court fees and interests. After all these years of changing my life around with kids and wife, putting my past behind me, they still are chasing me down and harassing me with letters and was sneaky enough to stick another judgement against me.

Hello Cornell:

I have a few ideas how you can approach this to get back on the right track.   However,     I canít suggest what you should do at this point simply because there are some specific facts that you didnít put in your question.    Also, it would be much easier for me to just talk to you on the phone if you would like to call me.   I can then explain to you directly what your present options are and what the positives and negatives are as to each option.   I will not charge you just to talk on the phone.   You can call me ANYTIME, even on the weekends, at this number     

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