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Greetings Sir  
I am Mahreen from Pakistan. Here no bank offers paypal account therefore the only option i guess i have is to open a paypal account in a foreign country. I cannot afford to visit some other country but i have just started working online. I wish to open an account in dubai.Is it possible to open PAYPAL account in Dubai or in any other country without visiting that country???
I shall be grateful to u for providing me efficient solution.

No bank anywhere offers a Paypal account - you get Paypal accounts by going straight to Paypal. Is it possible to open a Paypal account in a different country than the one you are in? I did it. I am an American who was living in the Peoples Republic of China and I was able to open a Paypal account in the Philippines in anticipation of moving there.

The one issue which I cannot address would be whether Pakistani laws allow this or not. You need to do some research in your home country to see whether this is allowed or not.

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