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I recently moved out an apartment complex and was told that I paid my last bill.  When I moved out I didn't do a walk-through inspection.  I sent an email to leasing office asking if I have any owe amount I need to pay. To which I didn't get a response.  A month passed, and now I received a call today from a debt collecting agency stating that I owed $21.80 to the apartment complex and $374 to the collecting agency as fee.  I mean I am willing the pay the amount that I owed to the apartment complex but I was never notified or billed for that amount and was put in collection and they're asking me to pay the $374 fee as well towards the agency.

What can I do at this point if I dispute being unjustly billed extra for the fee?


The apartment is required to give you letter of the charges that are due to them within 30 days of your move out. See --

If the landlord makes any deductions from the deposit, a written, itemized accounting of how much is being charged for each item must be sent to the tenant. If the landlord fails to provide such an accounting within 30 days after the tenant moves out, the landlord may forfeit the right to withhold any part of the deposit. Furthermore, the deductions taken from the deposit must be for actual damages suffered by the landlord.

If they did not send this to you and you left them a correct forwarding mail address, then this is what I would come back at them with first. Then go after the unreasonable collection fee.  

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