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Apparently I had Perkins loan for $400 while in college. I had left college back in 1987...the apparent time of the loan. I had other college loans and had paid them off years after leaving school. I got a letter in the mail today after 27 years later stating they apologize for the lack of timely notification due to a processing error. I believe that it was paid but have no proof since after 27 years has passed I am most positive I have no proof of payment on my part since any records of payment either in receipts of cash or check no longer exists. It has been passed to a collections agency an no interest has been added because of the error. Since their is an error how am I to know that it was paid and somehow had kicked out differently. I also had filed for bankruptcy back in 2001 and nothing had showed I had an outstanding loan for this at all. I assume this would not be applied to bankruptcy but would show any other outstanding credit or loans. This is the first notice I have ever received and would like to know where I stand on this for having to pay a supposed bill that in all likelihood was paid well over two decades ago.

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Student loans are exempt from Bankruptcies and there is no statute of limitations. What I do not understand is why you have not been contacted for so long. I do know that collection agencies buy debt that is to say the best, questionable.  I would recommend that you start a collection diary. Document all types of communication and who you spoke with, Send a certified letter to the collection agency disputing the debt and ask them to send validation.  27 years is a long time on both ends of this situation.  Do not admit in anyway that you might still owe this.  Let the burden of proof be on their end.  I seams to me that for no more that $400, they would write it off and carry on.  Please let me know if I can be of further assistance and good luck with this.

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