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During a really difficult time in my life a few years ago I got into a lot of credit card related debt. As a result I have several negative items on my credit report from these unpaid cards. I also have one civil judgment against me. I understand that these items can only remain on my credit report for 7 years from the time I became delinquent (or in the case of the judgment from the date of judgment).

My question is this: Now that I'm about half way through the 7 year time frame I worry that the remaining creditors may possibly be waiting until close to the 7 year mark to take it to court, in which case if they get a judgment against me the 7 years will start over from time of judgment. Is that likely to happen if it's already been almost 3 years from the time these cards first became delinquent with none of the others taking me to court yet?

I've read conflicting things about how long they have to take you to court, and it varying by state. The cards were all established while I was living in Florida and that's where I was living when they became delinquent. I've moved to Montana a few months ago, although I know it's possible they may go by the state in which the credit card/bank is located.

Basically I'm praying that in another 4 years these will all drop off my credit report and I can then rebuild my credit, but I'm fearful I'm missing information and some thing could be done to make this time extended. Thanks for your help.

This is a difficult question because of the varying laws state to state and the credit bureaus have always made the rules up as they go along. Yes it is seven years but the credit bureaus base that on last activity on the account. So if they go and get a judgment or a payment is received on the account the seven years basically starts over. It has been my experience that they probably won't sue on such an old case but it is possible. However since you must be served court papers and you have moved it's not likely. Good luck.

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