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I have been receiving auto call from about 8 different numbers stated I will be receiving a court summons. I did call them back I did not give them my ss#. I denied the debt. I have my credit checked monthly there is nothing on there. I told them this they said it was back 12 years ago. I still denied the debt I ask for their company's name and address so I could send a denial letter they say they could not give this for security reason. I also went to clerk of court and they ran some of the phone numbers they were all complaints about threating phone calls. I have never received anything in the mail from these people. What can I do to stop the calls.

These are scammers and you can't stop the calls other than simply hang up on them. A 12 year old debt is WAAAAYYY Out of Statute (meaning they cannot successfully sue you for it) in almost all States, including South Carolina. Even if it were a legitimate debt, they cannot collect on it and it cannot be reported on your credit report because the Statute of Limitations for that is 7 years.

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