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I was looking up my information on our public court website so see the status of a debt collection. I saw this information on the website and kind of confused me on what it means.

#1.  Wondering if you can clarify this for me? (Correct that isnít my real name)

06/08/2015 , Judge Signed Order Granting Motion for Second Summons and Alternate Service. Copies Mailed to Plaintiff's Attorney (by SASE) on 6/9/15

06/09/2015 , Summons: Service Issued to Adam Smith on 6/9/2015; Assigned to Attorney. Service Fee of $0.00. Second Summons

06/09/2015 , Summons: Document service returned not served to Adam Smith on 6/9/2015; Assigned to Attorney. Service Fee of $0.00.

Some papers the other day was delivered in the mail, no it wasnít served. Just sent regular mail. At the bottom of what seems to be court documents stating, ď THIS FIRM IS A DEBT COLLECTOR. WE AE ATTEMPTING TO COLLECT A DEBT AND ANY INFORMAITON WILL BE USED FOR THAT PURPOSE.Ē and on another paper at the bottom states, ďTHIS IS A COMMUNICATION FROM A DEBT COLLECTOR. WE ARE ATTEMPTING TO COLLECT A DEBT AND ANY INFORMATION OBTAINED WILL BE USED FOR THAT PURPROSE.Ē

#2. What does that type of information mean at the bottom?

#3. What does second summons and complaint mean to me? Am I to actually do anything? Will they actually get a judgment based on this?

I have never spoken with this debt collector nor talked with the courts about this.

#5. What I would like to figure out is if the rest of this information sent to me is from the courts demanding that I come in to see them or is this debt collector just trying to scare me into doing something rash that will help them?

I am looking out for what benefits me at this moment as I have other things to work on at this time.

Thank you for any help and understand. I truly do understand the paying of debt and yes we all work with what we have at the moment. Thatís what Iím doing for myself.  Thanks again!

Hello Mr. Brone:

I just received your question and read it.    I can answer all of your questions and suggest your present options but it would be less time consuming for me if you were to just call me on the phone.    I will not charge you just to talk on the phone.    You can call me at this number directly.
Jack Hall
915  261-3893

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