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My husband is 45 yrs old, he was laid off in jan, so things have been tight and we did fall behind on our water bill, but we still had about 5 days to pay our bill, which we did. My husband's father owns a few businesses in the very small town we live in. My husband's father called the night before last because a guy at the water office called him and told him we were behind on the bill. My husband was embarassed, just doesnt seem right they should be able to do that, is there anything that can be done? Thanks for any help.

Yes, there is something you can do.  Since the person who breached your husband's confidentiality is a part of city government, a formal complaint can be filed with the city and he will be reprimanded according to city policy.  As far as an actionable legal case, since the person did not tell an untruth, it will be hard to charge them with anything.  You may want to contact an attorney and have him/her contact the city attorney and find out what the city policy is on violation of trust.  If they have a confidentiality clause (and most do) there is a possibility that the city will offer a settlement rather than face public accusations. I would at least have this incident place on record. Public officials have no business spreading city business all over the place. Check with an attorney and see what your options might be.  I wish you the best with this situation and if you need further assistance please let me know.

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