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Greetings, sir, and thank you for your time.  I'm a military member, who is currently serving overseas for a few months longer.  About 6 to 8 months ago, I signed for a truck loan for a friend.  I now believe that my friend, and the dealership, used fraud to deceive me into signing it.  I want to pursue this legally.  What kind of lawyer would I seek out?  What are my options?  Btw, I used to live in Oklahoma, and this where I signed.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Hello Philip:
I just saw your question and was writing to see if you still needed help with your cosignor situation on the truck.      I can help you if you wish, but you just have not said enough information for me to be more specific in describing how I could help you.     For example, the Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act may have an impact on the situation that will affect how you want to go forward with this.     Also, the dates involved could be important, as well as other factors like what happened to the truck, what were the circumstances under which the note  was signed, etc.    It is just impossible for me or anyone else to speculate on what you  should do when I donít know what has already occurred.    This would be much easier to talk about on the phone, and I will not charge you just to talk on the phone.     You can call me anytime at this number   915  261-3893    I was stationed in South Korea myself for a year back in 1973-1974 and remember that there were about 18 hours of difference (I am in Texas in the Mountain Time Zone), so if you call me in the middle of the night, thatís ok and I will be glad to talk to you if that is when you want to call.     Besides, I have had clients in Korea before and had o deal with the clock thing.   (When I was there I was in the 1st of the 9th Infantry)    I also was stationed in Oklahoma -  in fact, I went to law school at OU in Norman in the late 1970ís-early 1980ís Ė and stationed at Fort Sill somewhere in there.
Anyway, Philip, please feel free to call me if you wish.    John (Jack) Hall,   J.D.  

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