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A debt collector brought suit on a credit card past the SOL, 6yrs in South Dakota. They claim a payment was made in 2012 and referenced evidence of it in their suit, but there is no such evidence with that date because the last activity was February 2009. The account is off of my credit report even. In replying to the suit, should I reply to every point or make one defense it is past the SOL and let that cover everything? I have an old credit report that shows when the card would be off of my report, indicating there was no activity within that time frame they reference. Should I include that as evidence?   Thank you so much for any information you may provide.

Hi Mary,

You are at the point where you should probably hire an attorney to represent you. If I were in your shoes, I would want the proof that they say that there was a payment made before I decided to do anything else. Just because the credit report doesn't show it doesn't mean that something wasn't  going on.  I know people with short sales and foreclosures where it never hit their credit report. Hope that helps.


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