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Hello Mr. Gammenthaler,

A number of years ago I was seen in the emergency department (which happens to also be where I worked) as a patient for an on the job incident. The remaining balance of $202 was supposed to be covered through workers compensation. However, for reasons that I am unaware of the balance never got paid. It ended up being sent to collections, and still never got paid off. It is not because I couldn't afford to pay it, but because I kept being told that it would be paid off.
This is what appears on my credit report:
Account Type: Collection
Terms: 1 Month
Date Opened: 11/01/2010
Account Status: Closed
Payment Status: Late
Payment Status Details: Seriously past due date / assigned to attorney, collection agency, or credit grantor's internal collection department
Status Updated: 12/01/2010
Balance: $202.00
Past Due Amount: $202.00
Original Amount: $202.00

Is there any advice that you have about how I should proceed? Should I dispute it? If I dispute it, is there any possible way of it being removed from my credit report? Is there any way to have it removed from my credit report without disputing it?
Should I try to have my employer pay for it under workers compensation like it should have been all of these years later?
Should I pay it myself?
Is there any reason to pay it off at this point? Will that benefit my credit score?

Thank you for your time.

With an collection account this old disputing it would not help you since they will just verify it. I have dealt with many negotiations for clients to pay off an old account. Here is the trick though. What a lot of consumers dont know on a scale of 1 to 10 an unpaid collection account is a 10 and hurts your credit score. On the  other hand a paid collection  account is still about a 7 still being a negative mark on your credit score. What you want to do is negotiate with the collection agency that you will pay in full immediately on the terms that they will delete it from your credit profile  completely. Let them know the circumstances why it was never  paid and  not your fault. Make sure you get this agreement in writing.
Good luck Gary Lee Gammenthaler  

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