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Due to an unforeseen situation in which I got made a permanent employee from a temp at which time they lowered my salary I got caught off guard with too much credit card debt.  As a result I have been just paying my regular bills because have not had enough
cash flow for the credit cards.  So now, one of my cards, which has been trying to offer my various payment options, is shortly being sent to a lawyer so he can collect payment I guess.  I have been trying to find side work but its slow going.  I need to know what the lawyer may do. I live in California.  What are
my options right now since I have no extra money.  I cringe at bankruptcy because I know that is a last resort. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

I am afraid if you do not set up some kind of payment arrangement, the attorney will sue you and obtain a judgment.  Once they have the judgment, it is possible for them to garnish your wages for up to 25%.  This website explains garnishment in California:  It is also possible that they place a lien against any real property in your name.  If you sell the property, this lien, plus interest, will have to be paid out of the proceeds of the sale.

I know this is not good news and I will I had a better answer for you.  What happened to you is nothing to be ashamed of; it happens to thousands of people every week.  One bit of good news is the attorney firm will probably be wiling to settle the debt for less than owed.  I would offer them 50% to start with.  You will have to pay any settlement amount all at one time so it would be with the effort to seek assistance from a family member.

I hope some of this information is helpful and I wish you the best with this situation.  If you have any further questions just send a follow up.

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