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Gary I own a timeshare at westgate resorts Orlando I have no mortgage and have owned it for a number of years. 3 years ago I was made redundant and my health took a turn for the worse. I have not worked since. I wrote to westgate April 2015 informing about my situation and informing them that I would never fly long hall again due to my illness. this week I have received a further letter requesting maintenance payment of $2168.48. they have totally disregarded my previous letter of my current and future circumstances as my medical condition has not improved since being made redundant but has if anything deteriorated as I now require more tablets. do you have any advice on how I exit from such a uncivilised and uncompassionate company.

John I feel your pain and frustration and could give you some advice but I wanted to defer this question to who I know is a better expert and  who also is an expert on this site and who is more expert of this particular question. Please contact Robert Paisola of Western Capitol or He lives in Las Vegas and has helped many people in your situation. If for some reason he is doesn't get back to you IM me on Facebook.I just want you to get the best advice. Please and thank you.
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