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I divorced my ex-husband in 1999 and he went into the Military. We consolidated our school loans and agreed in the divorce decree that he would be responsible for them since the military would pay them off. He is still in the military, so I assumed the loans were taken care of. However, in 2014, I learned that not only had the loans not been paid off completely, he had never made any payments on them (he may have filed bankruptcy) and the interest had resulted in a total debt of about $70,000.

It seems that in 2012, the US Dept of Ed transferred the loan to another company. (When I tried to call the US Dept of Ed, they would not give me any information and said they had no record of me owing on any school loans). However, the company the loan was transferred to claims they sent notices to a very old address of my parents in Georgia (but my parents have lived in Illinois for the last 8 years and I've lived in Texas for the past 7 years). Therefore, I was never aware of this debt.

After about a year, the debt was transferred somewhere else (I think perhaps back to the US dept of Ed?) and the negative items began showing up on my credit report. By the time I learned about the debt, it was too late. I called the company and asked if there was any way to pay it, but they said they no longer owned the debt. At this point, I'm not even sure this debt won't surface from yet another company that it may have been transferred to. I feel hopelessly lost and I'm not sure what I should do.

Any advice would be appreciated. I now own my own company and can afford legal representation, if it will help. I just don't know who to turn to.

First of all is the student loans your or his. Federal Student loans as of now there are no limits of statutes and can never be bankrupt. So if they are your student loans you owe them if they are his he owes them.
But something to consider if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency she is claiming she will wipe all old student loan clean and Free.
I hope this helps if you need more assistance please contact me good luck.  Gary Lee gammenthaler

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