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Collections Law/credit card dispute


Stace wrote at 2009-06-11 20:23:01
I am going through the same thing right now..I am sending my first dispute letter to El Paso Texas where their Presidential Correspondence is.

amber wrote at 2013-01-16 00:40:53
not sure if your still on this site or not but wondering if anything has ever come of this? dealing with sort of the same thing.

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Michael Brotherton


Consumer/Debtor Rights Advocate. Mike Brotherton is a negotiator with over 30 years experience in consumer lending and collections. Mike has 30 years in the credit and collections industry as a former loan officer, debt collector and manager of two finance companies over several years. Mike is well versed in Loss Mitigation practices and the legal collection process. He has helped literally thousands of people over many years overcome serious financial problems such as foreclosure, creditor lawsuits and abuse by debt collectors. For more information about resolving your "financial emergency" visit is a consumer web site which actively promotes Fair Debt Collection Practices and other consumer protection laws. We teach DEBTOR RIGHTS and enforcement of those rights. The more informed you are of your rights and the credit collections practices of creditors the more peace you can have dealing with your FINANCIAL EMERGENCY. Most financial problems are fairly common and as such have some very common solutions. The key is understanding your rights in the collection process and how to enforce them if need be. Primary business- Debtor Rights Advocacy and Debt Mitigation relating to foreclosure, creditor lawsuits, and other serious financial problems. (copy and paste in browser).


Over 40 years combined experience negotiating disputes and resolving financial issues related to consumer debt, corporate issues and mortgage modifications.

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